About Us

The OMMS Team is made up of licensed professionals who possess more than 60 years of combined experience in all facets of the water and wastewater industry to include reclaimed water systems. Our operations team is very proficient in conferring with adjacent landowners and resolving issues. OMMS is always seeking the most efficient way to provide quality services to you and to your customers that will exceed your expectations.

BVRT Utility Holding Company

OMMS is a subsidiary of BVRT Utility Holding Company, LLC (BVRT). BVRT owns and operates water related utility assets and infrastructure and is headquartered in San Antonio, TX.  We are dedicated to working with regional and local water authorities, communities, developers, and landowners to provide water and water resource recovery services within the Texas Triangle.

Rapid growth in the area has placed constraints on traditional models for public financing and development of water resources and infrastructure. BVRT overcomes those constraints by building, financing, and operating water systems quickly, efficiently and cost effectively either through privately owned stand-alone companies or through public / private partnerships. This model enables new communities to begin, and existing communities to expand.

Bill Fry, President

Bill Fry is President of OMMS and VP of Operations for BVRT. BVRT, with Bill, formed OMMS in 2018 following his retirement from Severn Trent Services, where he was Regional Manager of the Municipal Utility District business in Texas for over 34 years.  He is responsible for BVRT’s overall operations and physical plant management strategy, the operations and profitability of OMMS, as well as the direct plant operations of all BVRT’s utilities.  Currently BVRT has 6 utilities that are operated and managed by OMMS. Bill holds Class B Wastewater, Surface and Groundwater Certifications in the Texas.